Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?

I first became aware of Bitcoin in 2011 or 2012, but paid no attention to it until mid-2017 when the massive bull run of those years occurred.

While the price is interesting and the technology is revolutionary, my curious mind could never ignore one central question: who is Satoshi Nakamoto?

After years of searching, reading thousands of pages of court documents, and watching hundreds of hours of educational material on Bitcoin, I believe beyond any reasonable doubt that Satoshi Nakamoto is Dr. Craig Steven Wright.

Why I Believe Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto

I’m going to do this in reverse and give you a list of things you have to believe in order to maintain that Craig is not Satoshi. Any reasonable person will conclude that it is simply absurd to believe all of the following as true.

To maintain that Craig is not Satoshi, you have to hold that:

Donald Lynam testifies under oath that his nephew showed him the Bitcoin whitepaper in mid-2008 before it was edited and polished for release.
Ramona Watts testifies under oath that David Kleiman told her Craig was inventing something brilliant.

Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto Beyond Any Reasonable Doubt

And that means BSV is Bitcoin. It currently trades at $160 as opposed to Bitcoin imposter BTC at over $45,000.

If you still have doubts, all of this will be confirmed publicly when Wright vs Kleiman resumes in November 2021, and the COPA case begins shortly thereafter to determine if Dr.Wright does in fact have copyright over the Bitcoin whitepaper.

For me, at least, the mystery of Satoshi Nakamoto is solved. You have to be a wild conspiracy theorist to believe it’s anyone other that Dr. Craig Wright. It’s time to give the man the credit he deserves.

Edit: 19/08/2021: this blog post has been updated to include some extra sources and correct the spelling of Donald Lynam.