Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?

5 min readAug 15, 2021


I first became aware of Bitcoin in 2011 or 2012, but paid no attention to it until mid-2017 when the massive bull run of those years occurred.

While the price is interesting and the technology is revolutionary, my curious mind could never ignore one central question: who is Satoshi Nakamoto?

After years of searching, reading thousands of pages of court documents, and watching hundreds of hours of educational material on Bitcoin, I believe beyond any reasonable doubt that Satoshi Nakamoto is Dr. Craig Steven Wright.

Why I Believe Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto

I’m going to do this in reverse and give you a list of things you have to believe in order to maintain that Craig is not Satoshi. Any reasonable person will conclude that it is simply absurd to believe all of the following as true.

To maintain that Craig is not Satoshi, you have to hold that:

  • He filed for millions of dollars in research tax rebates from the Australian Tax Office related to Bitcoin development. As if they wouldn’t have asked to see some paperwork proving his research, some bank statements proving these expenses, and as if he wouldn’t have known they would before asking for millions.
  • He told his uncle (Donald Lynam), colleague (Stefan Matthews), wife (Ramona Watts) and several others he invented Bitcoin back in 2009/2010. Both Lynam and Matthews maintain he told them before Bitcoin was even released and showed them early copies of the white paper. Remember, this is before anyone even knew what it was, so it’s difficult to explain his motivation for wanting to take credit for a small geek project nobody had heard of. You can listen to Stefan Matthews tell his story here: https://youtu.be/R03ypV9CsTc
Donald Lynam testifies under oath that his nephew showed him the Bitcoin whitepaper in mid-2008 before it was edited and polished for release.
  • That these people, who would have by now discovered he is lying, would go and testify under oath for him, and that they would do this mere months before the trial that will supposedly expose his fraud. Craig’s wife Ramona, who you are alleging he lied to, would subsequently testify under oath that Craig’s deceased friend David Kleiman told her Craig created Bitcoin on a Skype call. Why would these people step forward and lie now if they suspect the ship is about to sink as Wright’s detractors claim?
Ramona Watts testifies under oath that David Kleiman told her Craig was inventing something brilliant.
  • That all of these people are lying when they have testified on various podcasts that Craig was privately deeply upset and angry about how BTC devs ruined his life’s work and that they used it for illegal purposes like the Silk Road.
  • That he successfully tricked highly credible individuals like Jon Matonis, Gavin Andresen, and several others with fake key signings using Satoshi’s keys. Also, you have to believe he was able to divulge details of private conversations between Satoshi and Gavin to convince him to come to the proof session in the first place. How did he know what Satoshi said to Gavin privately outside of the public eye? Remember, Satoshi handed Gavin the Bitcoin project when he left. According to Stefan Matthews (interview linked above), Gavin Andresen subsequently said Craig told him things that only Satoshi could have known. Gavin’s blog post goes some way to corroborating this, suggesting his initial emails with CSW did in fact convince him.
  • That he would start about a dozen companies researching everything from mining Bitcoin to building wallets, to creating a banking system based on Bitcoin, and would sink millions into these ventures. He started these back in 2010/2011 and earlier. Did he just happen to see the white paper and go all in on an untested idea that nobody was sure would take off? Or is it more likely that he understood its potential disruptive capabilities because he had spent decades meticulously designing it? Check this interview out for an example of how early Craig grasped the bigger picture of Bitcoin.
  • That he would subsequently spend tens of millions on Bitcoin-related patents, all of which would become instantly worthless if he was exposed as a fraud. Also, that he would invest $7 million in TAAL, a Bitcoin mining company that focuses on BSV, just months before the Kleiman case resumes and the COPA case begins. Oh, and the company that owns these patents, nChain, was put together by none other than Stefan Matthews, who you are alleging Craig lied to about starting Bitcoin. nChain was started to merge Craig’s previous companies. Don’t you think Stefan might have seen the intellectual property that Craig’s companies had on file?
  • That he would falsely contact Louis Kleiman, his deceased friend’s father, and offer him Dave’s shares in a company they started, when Dave’s family didn’t even know about any of it. However, Dave had told them he was working with a “wealthy foreign man to create digital cash.” Did Dave Kleiman just happen to have another friend who he was working on digital cash with?
  • That Dave Kleiman’s family would subsequently spend hundreds of thousands, or perhaps millions dollars and years of time trying to prove that Dave was in fact one half of Satoshi Nakamoto, and that their estate is owed half the Satoshi coins. Why would they do this unless they were certain Craig (and they believe Dave) invented Bitcoin?
  • That Craig orchestrated a media circus against himself, despite private emails in court proving he did everything to hide from them and subsequently fled Australia to avoid the attention.
  • That he has just so happened to spend hundreds of hours educating people about Bitcoin in great detail, and has just so happened to prove that Bitcoin does scale as Satoshi said through BSV. Come to think of it…why is this man so adamant that the Bitcoin whitepaper is followed to the letter in the first place?
  • Throughout all of this, including lawsuits against BTC devs and a whole lot of chaos, the “real Satoshi” has not stepped forward to expose him when all he has to do is sign a message or move a coin to ruin Craig’s story. You also have to maintain Craig did all of this, lying to his family and friends, risking millions, and starting lawsuits, knowing that literally at any minute the real Satoshi could step forward and bring his scheme down with ease.
  • That he confidently goes into court on all of this, putting the fortune he has invested, his reputation, and literally everything on the line with nothing but a bluff. That he has done all of this knowing the judge may ask him to sign or move a coin if it comes down to it.

Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto Beyond Any Reasonable Doubt

And that means BSV is Bitcoin. It currently trades at $160 as opposed to Bitcoin imposter BTC at over $45,000.

If you still have doubts, all of this will be confirmed publicly when Wright vs Kleiman resumes in November 2021, and the COPA case begins shortly thereafter to determine if Dr.Wright does in fact have copyright over the Bitcoin whitepaper.

For me, at least, the mystery of Satoshi Nakamoto is solved. You have to be a wild conspiracy theorist to believe it’s anyone other that Dr. Craig Wright. It’s time to give the man the credit he deserves.

Edit: 19/08/2021: this blog post has been updated to include some extra sources and correct the spelling of Donald Lynam.