One conspiracy theory I’ve been hearing more and more often recently is that lockdowns are an attempt to destroy the livelihoods of small business owners and self-employed people to usher in an era of corporate dominance (as if that doesn’t already exist).

Like all COVID conspiracy theories, this one requires…

Buddhism has many complex and mind-bending concepts, and they often have one word to describe them. Anatta roughly translates as ‘not-self’, although understanding this concept requires a little more than understanding what it translates as.

So, what is Anatta and how can a Western mind understand it? Let’s dive in.

Bitcoin is more than peer-to-peer cash.

I wrote previously that I believe Bitcoin is the most misunderstood technology on the planet. I’ll explain what it really is and why I believe it’s so revolutionary here.

If you read newspapers and tabloids, you’ve probably formed the opinion that Bitcoin is a shadowy, untraceable currency that can be…

They say you should never talk about the women you used to know after you get married. As a writer, I disagree if there’s a good story in it. My wife knows most of these stories, and in fact, she cleared me to write this, so it’s all good.


Bangkok…one of the craziest and most interesting cities I’ve ever been to!

It’s early AM in Bangkok, but it’s already sticky hot. I’m sitting on the steps of a travel agency, waiting for it to open so I can buy a bus ticket to Chiang Mai. The smell of exhaust fumes and incense fills the air. …

When I lived in Southeast Asia for close to a decade, I saw poverty, injustice, and inequality that many Westerners in our privileged existences would not believe unless they say it for themselves.

It was heartbreaking in the beginning. I used to well up when I saw women sleeping at…

I first became aware of Bitcoin in 2011 or 2012, but paid no attention to it until mid-2017 when the massive bull run of those years occurred.

While the price is interesting and the technology is revolutionary, my curious mind could never ignore one central question: who is Satoshi Nakamoto?


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